• Importance of Bangles for Women in Indian Culture

    Importance of Bangles for Women in Indian Culture
    Bangles aren’t just jewellery it’s a true sign of a woman’s Suhaag. Young and old women with auspicious Indian bangles are a proud beacon of Indian culture. Bangles are counted among one of the most important accessories for Indian brides. Especially for married women bangles are very auspicious as they are the sign of being a suhagan. Bangles have its own significance in Indian culture, especially in weddings. Bangles have always been an inseparable part of Indian culture.   The word bangle has been derived from the hindi word bangri, which in Sanskrit means the ornament...
  • Sigeeka - a brand of Indian Traditional Products

    Sigeeka - a brand of Indian Traditional Products
    India is a country of endless diversity in terms of its languages, religions, arts & crafts, customs and traditions. These facts produce numerous amounts of unique products. The area of these aspects is so expanded that it cannot be explained in certain adjectives. So, to keep Indian heritage alive, we as Sigeeka.com are here with the most beautiful and fabulous collection of products to bring these specialties at your doorstep. There are different collections having the most beautiful products: Bangles: In Indian culture Bangles are not just an ornament, it’s the symbol of women's identity. They...
  • Purity in Terms of Natural Skincare

    Purity in Terms of Natural Skincare
      In today’s world there is an increasing need for safer, more natural and more transparently products, that enhances not only your beauty but your spirit too. Purity Means: Natural ingredients are the most powerful ingredients in the world, and manufacturers of everything from medicine to skincare have always looked to them for their benefits. Synthetic ingredients, in many cases, are cheaper, more predictable versions of natural ingredients created in labs to simplify the manufacturing process. Need: We are driven by our passion to create the purest, most effective skin care products that will allow you...
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