• Shakha Pola & Loha Bangles

    Shakha Pola & Loha Bangles
    Symbols are powerful expressions of Human culture. Culture is not stagnant. It is transformed with time, space and need. Culture is imbibed through direct instruction or through observation, imitation as well as adaptation. Continuous socialization makes the individual internalize the thoughts.   Wearing the symbols of marriage supports the tradition and the customs. Customs are manifestations of a section of people wanting to design the society as per their necessity and interests. They are designed to satisfy the needs of the society.     Thought Behind: Hindu women mainly the Bengali women and also in Bihari...
  • How to know your Bangle Size?

    How to know your Bangle Size?
    Bangles are most precious ornament for Indian Women. It should fit nicely on the wrist. Their looseness and shape draw more attention than other jewelries, and imbue them with a particular quality that can be in turns flirtatious, playful, bold, or elegant. There is a bangle for nearly every budget and fashion sensibility.   Before shopping for a bangle, it is important to understand how to find the right fit. Many bangles slide on over the hand, and therefore need to be sized accordingly.     1. Measuring the Wrist To measure wrist size, use a...
  • Lac Bangles - lahathi

    Lac Bangles - lahathi
    Lahathi Bangles: A Beauty of Bihari and Jaipuri Tradition Bangles, traditional ornaments worn by women are the essence of womanhood and a tradition that has continued since ages. Made with the utmost love and care they have withstood the test of time and have only got more popular over the centuries. Introduction Lac bangles, also named as Lahathi then and now, from time immemorial have continued to literally lure not just local citizens but the innumerable tourists who have to and love to pay a visit to the very legendary places. And every woman in the...
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