Sigeeka offers two types of coupon namely "Welcome" and "Promo" for all you lovely shopoholics to make your shopping experience more interesting.


How do I receive my welcome coupon for Sigeeka?
When you register with your e-mail at Sigeeka, you will receive a Welcome e-mail with one unique coupon codes. You can use those coupon code on full-price products available at Sigeeka.

How many times can I use my coupon code?
Welcome coupon code to avail Rs.100 off on purchase of Rs.999 or above, which can be used 1 times.

What products can I purchase with the welcome coupon?
You can use welcome coupon on full priced products across all categories.

How do I use a Sigeeka coupon code I have received?
Select the products you want to shop and add to your cart. During checkout process paste or write the coupon code in the 'Coupon' box and click on 'Continue' button. Now check the Final Order Amount!

Can I club two coupons in one purchase?
No two coupons can be applied at the same time. In general our promotions cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Now that's fair!

Why doesn't my welcome coupon work?
Welcome coupon are our way of welcoming all you fabulous people to our family of traditional online shoppers. In order to avail welcome coupon properly, please keep in mind the below things:

  • If your order value is equal to or more than Rs 999 when you are using Rs. 100 Off coupon.
  • The code you are using is still valid and has not expired.
  • The validity would be mentioned in the email you received from us.
  • If the products in your cart fall under the categories mentioned above.

  • I have used my welcome coupon in an order which was unsuccessful. What happens to my coupon?
    If you chose NetBanking/Debit Card/Credit Card as your payment mode you would receive your new coupon over your registered email and phone number within 2 days. If you do not receive the coupon code within the stipulated time do write to us or give us a call.
    If you chose COD (Not supported) as a PAYMENT MODE you can still re-use your coupon and place a new order.

    I have returned my order. What happens to my welcome coupon used in the order?
    If you choose to return your order we would refund you the paid price. However, we won't be able to refund you the coupon value.

    I can't find the welcome coupon email I received from Sigeeka. What do I do?
    Please check your spam/junk folder. At times, email are sent to the spam folder. If you can't find it in the spam folder as well, please email us at and we will have the coupon mail resent.

    Is my welcome coupon amount refundable?
    Unfortunately not. Welcome coupon amount can neither be refunded nor encashed.


    What is a promo coupon?
    Promo coupon are for all you lovely shopoholics to make your shopping experience more interesting as occasionally, we would be sending some of the best deals your way! It is a simple code which can be applied to get discounts on your purchases.

    What is the minimum order value for application of promo coupons?
    Different promo coupons are applicable on different minimum order value. In order to know the minimum order value please check the email or coupon code/card you received.

    How many times can I use promo coupon code?
    Women's special coupon code "WSC50" to avail Rs.50 off on purchase of Rs.499 or above, which can be used 1 times.

    What products can I purchase with the women's special coupon?
    You can use women's special coupon on full priced products across all categories.

    What products can I purchase with the promo coupons?
    We are happy to offer you promo coupons which can be used across full priced products from selected categories, product or both. However, at times we issue special coupons applicable on one or more special categories only. Your coupon code will come with all the relevant instructions.

    Can I use a coupon more than once?
    Generally, coupons can be used only once but then special coupon issued can be used more than once. Your coupon email would have the details of how to use the coupon.

    Is there validity date for promo coupon?
    Every coupon has its validity date which would be mentioned in the email or the coupon code/card that you received.

    How do I use a promo coupon?
    After adding items to your cart, apply coupon in the Shopping cart during checkout process (as shown below) before placing order.

    Why doesn't my promo coupon work?
    • Please copy and paste the coupon code as it is case sensitive.
    • Please check if your order value is more than minimum order value stipulated for the coupon.
    • Please check that the code you are using is still valid and not out of date. The validity would be mentioned in the email you received.
    • Please also check if the coupon is especially meant for application on a particular category.

    I tried everything still coupon doesn't seem to work.
    Please give us a call and we will be happy to assist you.

    Is my Promo coupon amount refundable?
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